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Three Ages



15 February, 8 PM

16 February, 7 PM

In this show, the three stages of life are conjured up in a triptych symbolising the indivisibility of human existence.

Youth is a passionate period full of experiments and dreams. In middle-age, one settles down and vitality is already threatened by realism and fatalism. Old age he old age is the time of results and regrets.

Through their dancing and body language, the Idem Company express here a reflection on human existence through the passing of time.


Coproduction Company Idem, Théâtre Benno Besson Yverdon-les-Bains

Choregraphy and staging

Matthias Kass, Clément Bugnon

The man in white

Mattia Saracino

The man in color

Samir M’kirech

The man in black

Simone Frederick Scacchetti

Rehearsal coach

Stefano Roveda


Guy Cools


Szymon Brzóska

Lights and scenography

Besim Morina

Full Price : 28.- / Reduced Price : 22.- / Children : 17.-

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