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Monsieur Kipu (Mr Stink)


7 December, 7 PM

8 December, 6 PM (translated by Sourds & Culture)

The unexpected friendship between a homeless man and a little girl. Monsieur Kipu celebrates mutual support with humor.

Mr Stink smells, but it is not his fault: he has no home to wash properly… No one ever gets near him, until a little girl, Chloé, is brave enough to go and talk to him.

Based on

Mr Stink by David Walliams


Robert Sandoz


Fanny Brunet, Catherine Büchi, Céline Cesa, Vincent Rime, Diego Todeschini

Scenography, costumes 

Julie Delwarde


Mario Torchio


Emilie Bourdilloud, Christine Torche


Letitia Rochaix


Vincent Rime

Patines et accessoires 

Sylvia Faleni 


François Gendre


Julien Dick 

Technical manager

Stéphane Gattoni

Adults : 22.- / Children : 17.-

Coming soon

Viennese concert

Non French speaker friendly!

Bubbles, cheerfulness, colorful rustles and music, to make the new year sparkle!


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