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Les Insulaires (Islanders)

Theatre, music and dance

8 November, 8 PM

9 November, 8 PM

A flight to an imaginary island, a fantasy of freedom and remission. A visual thriller in which love meets murder.

Les Insulaires (Islanders) is a raw story about loneliness and misery. However, this story is also about desire, travels and exotic lands.

The young artistic collective Cafuné Théâtre, based in Nyon, present here their first full-scale project with this adaptation of texts by Pascal Garnier and Michel Tournier, through the languages of drama, dance and music.

Creation – production Cafuné Théâtre


Pascal Garnier, Michel Tournier

Adaptation, staging

David Janelas


David Janelas, Olga Domanska, Claude Sprecher, Virginie Janelas


Olga Dománska


Virginie Janelas et Claude Sprecher


Ludovic Janelas

Full Price : 28.- / Reduced Price : 22.- / Children : 17.-

Coming soon


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22 March, 8 PM
23 March, 7 PM