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La Double constance ou le voyage de Max (In/Fidelities or Max’s Travels)


1 February, 8 PM
2 February, 7 PM
3 February, 5 PM

Max is 60 years old and his wife has just left him. He would do anything to win her back. His quest takes us on a reflexion about love and about the way traveling reveals us to ourself.

Max dedides to fly to Cuba, to join his (ex) wife. There, he discovers a human comedy, a daily struggle which blasts his certainties and his comfortable life. Between laughter and tears, this show takes us onto an initiation journey in the heart of Cuba.

Coproduction Cie Motamot, Casino Théâtre de Rolle, Traboules AudioVisuel – Lyon
Teatro, El Público – La Havane, Les Tisseuses de Paroles – Genève


Lisa Torriente


Carlos Díaz


Rodolphe Ittig, Lisa Torriente, Amanda Cepero, Coralia Rodríguez


Michel Kun

Guitars, vocals

Lorenzo Tartabull

Vocals, dance

Amanda Cepero, Coralia Rodríguez

Stop motion

Isabelle Million, Adolfo Izquierdo Mesa


Loïc Bonnavia

Settings, videos

Dominique Mercie Balaz


Lisa Torriente, Carlos Díaz

Full Price : 28.- / Reduced Price : 22.- / Children : 17.-

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22 March, 8 PM
23 March, 7 PM