Hang Up

Clown, theatre

30 November, 8 PM

01 December, 7 PM

Hang Up is an introspective absurdist poem, a investigation into the purpose of being (or not…) which falls somewhere comfortably between the worlds of Clown and Theater.

They are hanging in two overcoats, waiting. Garlic, tender and rebellious, and Dangle, pensive and unpredictable, are two souls awaiting their reincarnation in the so-called “Interstation”. Unsure when the moment of rebirth will come, they are left only with each other and an eternity of time, time to explore their dreams and their fears, and scrutinize what it means to be human.

Hang Up, the first creation of the Fribourg company Les Diptik, is an insightful approach to the human condition, told through physical expression and verbal acrobatics.

Production Les Diptik


Marjolaine Minot, Céline Rey and David Melendy


Marjolaine Minot


Céline Rey et David Melendy


Antoine Zivelongh


Valentin Steinemann

Full Price : 28.- / Reduced Price : 22.- / Children : 17.-

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Viennese concert

Non French speaker friendly!

Bubbles, cheerfulness, colorful rustles and music, to make the new year sparkle!


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