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Des tours autour de Nougaro (Turns around Nougaro)

Musical show

8 March, 8 PM
9 March, 7 PM
10 March, 5 PM


This is not a mere song recital, but a sensitive peregrination in and around Claude Nougaro’s works, an inevitably mischievous and cheeky journey.

Led by Pascal Schopfer, six musicians surround the word of the Toulouse poet, singer and musician in a celebration of life and love.

Poetry, humor and fantasy will go straight to the heart of the child in everyone of us if, fortunately, one still believes in dreams.

Coproduction Cie 5/4 & Casino Théâtre de Rolle

Voice, play, texts

Pascal Schopfer


Julien Revilloud


Luigi Galati


Gérald Perera

Piano, arrangements

Daniel Perrin


Jean-Samuel Racine


Zacharie Ksyk

Artistic collaboration

Olivier Périat


Bernie Amaudruz


Nidea Henriques

Full Price : 28.- / Reduced Price : 22.- / Children : 17.-

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On n’a pas tous les jours 100 ans!

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Musical show

10 May, 8 PM
11 May, 7 PM
12 May, 5 PM

Bourvil c’était bien !

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Musical show

24 May, 8 PM
25 May, 7 PM
26 May, 5 PM

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Lapp and Simon: the legendary comedy duo make their come-back in Rolle!


27 March, 8 PM
28 March, 8 PM