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Season 2018-2019


In this hilarious One Man Show, a farmer's son reconciles with his short but unconventional life story… Fun and laughter guaranteed!

One Man Show

28 September, 8 PM
30 September, 5 PM


Imagine yourself in a legendary scene of a Tarantino or Chaplin movie; laughing on the theme tune of "The Pink Panther" or getting nostalgic with "Out of Rosenheim". "Vox Office" will have you surfing on on wave of intense emotions!


Musical Show

5 October, 8 PM
6 October, 7 PM

Hang Up

Hang Up is an introspective absurdist poem, a investigation into the purpose of being (or not...) which falls somewhere comfortably between the worlds of Clown and Theater.

Clown, Theater

30 November, 8 PM
01 December, 7 PM

Les Insulaires

A flight to an imaginary island, a fantasy of freedom and remission. A visual thriller in which love meets murder.

Theatre, music and dance

8 November, 8 PM and 9 November, 7 PM

Janis, Still on the Road

This musical show goes on a quest for freedom by evoking Janis Joplin's iconic figure.

Musical Show

Non-French-Speaker-Friendly (show in French and English)

2 November, 8 PM
3 November, 7 PM
4 November, 5 PM

Three Ages

In this show, the three stages of life are conjured up in a triptych symbolising the indivisibility of human existence.


15 February, 8 PM
16 February, 7 PM



Looping. When the opera meets a circus ring, an acrobatic imbroglio follows. Lyrical tightrope walking guaranteed!

Lyrical comedy

22 March, 8 PM
23 March, 7 PM

Les Curistes

Lapp and Simon: the legendary comedy duo make their come-back in Rolle!


27 March, 8 PM
28 March, 8 PM


L’invasion culturelle peut-elle s’inscrire dans les danses populaires, en brouillant leur identité pour finalement en recracher une nouvelle, composite et multicolore?

Non French Speaker Friendly

Dance – Far° Festival des arts vivants Nyon

Saturday 18 August 2018, 9 PM
Sunday 19 August 2018, 9PM