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Hang Up

Hang Up is an introspective absurdist poem, a investigation into the purpose of being (or not...) which falls somewhere comfortably between the worlds of Clown and Theater.

Clown, Theater

30 November, 8 PM
01 December, 7 PM


With her first solo, Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth portrays an impressive gallery of characters, both troubling and hilarious, served with a real improvisational talent.

Friday 25. May 2018, 8PM

Saturday 26. May 2018, 7PM

Monsieur Kipu (Mr Stink)

The unexpected friendship between a homeless man and a little girl. Monsieur Kipu celebrates mutual support with humor...


Friday 7 December 2018, 7pm
Saturday 8 December 2018, 6pm 

Viennese concert

Non French speaker friendly!

Bubbles, cheerfulness, colorful rustles and music, to make the new year sparkle!


6 January 2019, 5pm

La Double Constance ou le voyage de Max

Max is 60 years old and his wife has just left him. He would do anything to win her back. His quest takes us on a reflexion about love and about the way traveling reveals us to ourself...


1 February 2018, 8 PM
2 February 2019, 7PM
3 February 2019, 5PM

Marina Rollman – Un spectacle drôle

Revealed to the public thanks to her radio comedy sketches, Marina Rollman takes a playful look at our strange society in her first One Woman Show.

One Woman Show

8 February, 8 PM
9 February, 8 PM

Three Ages

In this show, the three stages of life are conjured up in a triptych symbolising the indivisibility of human existence.


15 February, 8 PM
16 February, 8 PM


Autour de Nougaro

This is not a mere song recital, but a sensitive peregrination in and around Claude Nougaro's works, an inevitably mischievous and cheeky journey.

Musical Show

8 March, 8 PM
9 March, 7 PM

Frida Kahlo – Autoportrait d’une femme

Frida Kahlo is the incarnation of resistance. This socially conscious artist thought of her work as a tool for peace and freedom.

Musical theatre

14 March, 8 PM
15 March, 8 PM


Looping. When the opera meets a circus ring, an acrobatic imbroglio follows. Lyrical tightrope walking guaranteed!

Lyrical comedy

22 March, 8 PM
23 March, 7 PM