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Abasia – Périple en pays chagrin

A modern-day fantasy-tale, a dive into the mental universe of a desperate man, until reappropriation of life's joys!


20 to 23 September 2018


In this hilarious One Man Show, a farmer's son reconciles with his short but unconventional life story… Fun and laughter guaranteed!

One Man Show

28 September, 8 PM
30 September, 5 PM


Imagine yourself in a legendary scene of a Tarantino or Chaplin movie; laughing on the theme tune of "The Pink Panther" or getting nostalgic with "Out of Rosenheim". "Vox Office" will have you surfing on on wave of intense emotions!


Musical Show

5 October, 8 PM
6 October, 7 PM


With her first solo, Tiphanie Bovay-Klameth portrays an impressive gallery of characters, both troubling and hilarious, served with a real improvisational talent.

Friday 25. May 2018, 8PM

Saturday 26. May 2018, 7PM

Janis – Still on the Road

This musical show goes on a quest for freedom by evoking Janis Joplin's iconic figure.

Musical Show

Non-French-Speaker-Friendly (show in French and English)

2 November, 8 PM
3 November, 7 PM
4 November, 5 PM

Les Insulaires

A flight to an imaginary island, a fantasy of freedom and remission. A visual thriller in which love meets murder.

Theatre, music and dance

8 November, 8 PM and 9 November, 7 PM

Hang Up

Hang Up is a poem about the state of being (or non-being), expressed by two malicious clowns.

Clown, theatre

30 November, 8 PM
01 December, 7 PM

Three Ages

Dans ce spectacle, les trois périodes de la vie sont évoquées sous la forme d’un triptyque, symbole de l’indivisibilité de l’existence avec une fulgurante acuité.


Vendredi 15 février 2019, 20h
Samedi 16 février 2019, 19h

Autour de Nougaro

Ceci n’est pas un tour de chant! C’est un voyage, une pérégrination sensible autour de l’oeuvre de Claude Nougaro, forcément maline et gouailleuse...


Vendredi 8 mars 2019, 20h
Samedi 9 mars 2019, 19h
Dimanche 10 mars 2019, 17h

Frida Kahlo – Autoportrait d’une femme

Frida Kahlo est l’incarnation de la figure d’une résistante. Cette artiste engagée a conçu son oeuvre comme un outil de paix et de liberté.

Spectacle musical

Jeudi 14 mars 2019, 20h
Vendredi 15 mars 2019, 20h